Problem with installing the USB driver 11 .

While installing the AndroidWorks 1R1 , I received the error message that , it failed to install the usb driveer 11 and the message says : exec: “wmic” ; executable file not found in %PATH% . What should I do ?

wmic.exe should be in your Windows/system32/wbem directory. Which version of Windows are you using?

I have same problem. I checked my folder, have the WMIC.exe.
My OS win 7 64bits

I installed the NVPACK in my second HD. " H:"
Need I install in the " C:" ?

Are you running as administrator?

I’m running as administrator, but not work.

I configured my path in “Environment Variables” to “c:\windows\system32\wbem” now work it

how can i fix my usb, when mass storage could not be seen in my computer but only be seen in the device manager…