Problem With InputAxis Turn

Hi everyone!

I seem to be having a problem with my InputAxis Turn input, (which is setup the same as the third person template). My problem is that I have two cameras (a top down and third person) and I have an aiming input, and when I switch into top down cam from third person cam, while holding the aim input, and then release the aim input while in top down mode, the input axis value returns 0 when I go back into third person mode, so I can’t rotate along yaw. And I have to press once to be able to rotate again. This isn’t ideal for when I switch from top down to third person and try to shoot my weapon, since it delays, and I also can’t rotate. If anyone has any idea how I could fix this I would be very thankful. Thank you in advance!

Here’s my blueprints for what I described. And I’ve included my blueprint for setting my actor rotation to face the cursor on tick. This might be a cause of the problem too but I’m unsure. If you’d like to see my camera settings I’d be happy to provide them.

I decide to create two characters to handle the inputs/camera separately instead of all in one character. I just have the player choose a camera mode when they begin playing instead of having the option to switch camera modes.

I’m accepting this as my own answer I suppose.