Problem with InputActions and Blueprints.

Hello people,

I’m building a FPS game and my decision was to go a bit the old school way with animated hands weapons tied to them (each weapon being a mesh of hands+weapons with animations for it). I created 2 sets for this, one being a gun and the other being a melee weapon with some basic animations for start (just idle, fire and alt_fire for now). I was looking for an approach to have several weapons and make these switchable. The decision was to go with this approach: In character BP add a mock skeletal mesh (a sphere for testing purposes) and attach a socket to it and cast the weapons to the socket on the skeletal mesh in the CharacterBP. First i wanted to test if animations will work through the AnimationBP and I added all the input functions to the character blueprint (in this case the arms and weapon itself were the mesh in CharBP), created Boolean variables (fire, alt fire) and through “Cast to CharacterBP” i managed to get these working and they worked perfectly. Now the trick came, how to make several weapons function like this? I looked up a few tutorials and found a approach in one where the Weapon is spawned through “spawn actor” and attached to the socket on the sphere, managed to get these weapons switchable but for my life I can’t figure out how to fire them, only the idle animation works and whenever I change something in the AnimBP it reflects in the VP immediately so the AnimBP is active, it just doesn’t want to read the “Input Action Fire” set in the WeaponBP. I tried enabling and disabling input, removing the “consume input” option everywhere but nothing, nothing get’s it to work. I’m either doing this completely wrong or I’m overlooking something. Please bear in mind that I’m terrible with scripting and have below a month of experience with it.

In short, this is what I have:

Charachter BP - Has basic movement inputs and weapon spawn and the mock skeletal mesh (sphere in this case)
Weapon BP - Contains the mesh that is spawnable to the socket and contains the Inputs for Fire and AltFire
Anim BP - Contains all weapon animation data and changes animations in correspondence with Boolean.

I’m grateful for any help on this, I’ve been breaking my head for 2 days now and couldn’t find an answer, whatever I found, doesn’t work for me.