Problem with input on custom event not matching what I put into it?

This problem has stumped me for days and i’ve finally narrowed down my issue to this small mishap where what I put in the input of the custom event doesn’t match what comes out.

In Begin Play I determine whether this entity is authoritative or not and if not I run GetLocalPlayerCustomize which prints the correct mesh display name to the client. I take the same reference I used to print the display name and push that right into my custom event. Upon printing the string of the custom event It is not the same as the data I pushed into it. I’m aware of the implications of trying to get the client to send data to the server and how cheating and such works, this isnt an issue for me right now and I will have safety nets in place to prevent cheating. Plus this is just visuals so I’m not that worried about it right now.

The Orange is what I’m getting from LocalPlayerCustomize and inputting to Server_SetPlayerCustomizationState.

The Red is what this custom event apparently gets…

If there’s some other way to get data from my local game instance and send that to a server I’m all ears.

Your help is much appreciated.