Problem with input F

So i have my first invisible Text Render which is the “Press F” and my second invisible Text Render 1 “Something”.
The problem is that Text Render 1 it’s not triggered after i press F (the first text “Press F” works).

By default, input is disabled in blueprints other than Character BP and Level BP, and it seems to me it’s another type of BP you’re having. So two options are: 1. Enable input in the BP (although I would not advise on doing that); 2. Reference this BP from another BP where input is enabled.

I’m kinda noob can u tell me how can i do this? ^.^’

The first text, “Press F”, will pop up when i’m in range and then if i press F i want the second text to pop up. Both texts are invisible by default. The problem is that when i’m in range the first text appears but when i press F the second text is still invisible. Sorry for my bad English ^.^’

In 99% of cases you want to handle input in the Player Controller or Pawn (which Character inherits from).

Having various world actors handle input will create conflicts and nightmare debug scenarios where things do work fine but you do not know why - the worst kind.

You can create a custom event in your blueprint, name it “Show Text” or whatever. Then you should get a reference to it in your Character BP or maybe in Level BP, depending on how you want to interact with it. How you do that may come in lost of different forms, really. If you tell us what exactly this actor is and how it should be interacted with, we might help you with the way to reference it. Once you have a reference, you’ll be able to launch that custom event you’ve created.

You can do it in the Level BP, really. Just add a reference of this actor to the Level BP (drag and drop from the list of actors, or select the actor, go to Level BP, hold R and Left Click), create a Custom Event in the Interact BP, and add the F input to the Level BP, which will call your Custom Event in the Interact BP. You’ll have to add another Bool variable to check if the character is withing range, changes to True and False by your Overlap events, and then just check if it’s True.

When you have placed a reference to your actor in the Level BP, drag the output pin and type the name of your event. It should be there.

I’ll get home and show you screenshots =)

This BP is alright. Now all you need is launch the “Press F” event from your Level BP.

Is the Interact BP ok? And now in the level BP what should i do? I mean how do i call my Custom Event?

Can u give me you email so we can talk properly? xD. I’m a mess @.@

Please tell me that this BP is all right :))

Like that?

I can’t believe. It’s working :)). Thank you very much and sorry for your wasted time.