Problem with initializing a camera within an objects code

Hi all,

** Partially solved, see bottom **

Probably some stupid simple answer here but I am totally lost. I have been following the tutorial Tanks Vs Zombies (C++ Tanks vs Zombies | 02 | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube) and have run into a lot of problems (the video needs to be updated as tons of code is now depreciated).

The latest one is weird but I suspect gets to fundamental questions of how C++ and BP interact.

So I have created a Tank class, and am adding a camera and spring arm component in the Tank C++ file (as in the tutorial vid listed above). However, I am not able to get it to spawn correctly when extending the Tank class with a blueprint (called TankBP).

So if I use the Tank class as the Pawn to spawn in the GameMode, I can’t see any of my art (or any of the settings) as the art was set in TankBP.
If I use the TankBP as the Pawn to spawn, then all my camera settings are getting overwritten in the scene (ie arm length is 350 (what I set it to in BP) instead of 500) set in code.

UPDATE: I solved this part. I had to go though the TankBP and reset individual variables by pressing the little yellow arrow next to it. My next question then: Is there a way to reset the whole BP in one shot, rather then hunting through every class and resetting every individual variable?
Reset BP value to C++ Default