Problem with importing morph animation to UE4

I have a morph skeleton mesh that setup in Blender (so in Blender terms, with shapekeys). The animation seems to be baked fine, once I import it to 3ds Max or Blender it works fine, so it seems to be exporting just ok.
But I struggle to import it to UE4. It seems that some morph curves are evened out, during all frames they have constant value, which should not be the case. I was suspecting it happens because of import checkbox “Do not import curves with 0 values” for Animation section. But If I uncheck this option… all morph curves are zero.

Is it a known problem or I’m just missing something out during import?

Probably doing something wrong on creation too.

there’s several layers that define the animation and what it exports.
When importing to unreal, unless the layer was correct you won’t see the right result.
Where other DCC tool interpret the strips/layers and say “wtf is this? Oh it goes here” and make it work anyway.

personally, to animate some morphs I use custom curves.
for others, they are just part of the animation process.

give my addon and the curve import plugin a go.

Share vid/screens of how you have the morphs currently key framed.

And actually before you do Any of that,

Make sure your import process into the engine is correct. You should be importing the animation and using a pre-existing skeleton/mesh to link the animation to. With the proper import settings for morph.