Problem with importing animation from Blender to UE4

Hello everyone, I did some walk cycle animation in blender 2.83 and tried to import them to UE4. Everything is fine except the animation does not affecting the whole mesh. Only the head and wrist areas of the mesh was driven by the animated bones and other part of mesh were just idle. I have attached the screenshot for your reference. Please help me to fix this error. Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad english tho.

What does the rig look like in Blender? Did you use IK when creating the animation and if so, did you bake it before exporting? It would be helpful to

  • see the bone hierarchy in Blender and UE
  • see the vertex groups in Blender that correspond to the armature bones
  • see the rig you used in Blender and whether you use any bone modifiers aside from plain old FK