Problem with importing Alembic as skeletal mesh

Hi, I’m having trouble with importing animated Alembic files as skeletal meshes. I get the message:
“Unable to compress animation data, no meshes (with constant topology) found with Vertex Animation and baked Matrix Animation is turned off”.
I have consistent point, vertex and primitive counts, and they’re all in the same order across frames.
Also the polygons are triangles.
My pipeline is exporting an obj file sequence from Houdini, importing that into Blender with the stop motion sequence addon, then exporting that as an ABC.
I can do it with other animations, but with my animated tree it doesn’t work for some reason.
I want to use skeletal meshes and morph targets because I plan to have a lot of trees, and I think it would be to heavy if I used the geometry cache( which does work with a few frames of animation, but crashes when I try importing the whole anim).
Any ideas?

try skinning convverter instead?