problem with hitting actor by vehicle

Hello, guys.
Can you help me,please.
I`m trying to hit/damage an actor when it hitting by car.
When I hit the actor he stands as nothing happens).

I have a simular problem.
If a physicsbody hit the player, nothing happens… no knockback, nothing^^

How can we wo that, I’m new

it happens in engine version 4.8, in 4.7 there was no problem.

i was trying all types of collision, but no results.

First, you need to make sure that your collisions are being detected. Sounds like they collide pretty well, I’m assuming that the vehicle stops when it hits the character?

If it stops, then you’re on to something. Now all you have to do is turn on the physics of the character and tell it what to do when it gets hit by a moving vehicle.

You can make a steep ramp incline and hover a sphere over it, but until you tell that sphere that it can actually move and how to move, it’s just going to stay right where you put it.

Thanks,it help. Why I cant change simulate physics settings for mixamo Adam mesh, only for capsule component?

If you were to simulate physics with your mesh, they would fall out of the capsule component, which would destroy the purpose of having the capsule component in the first place.