Problem with having a portal trigger with another level..

So I followed this video step by step in detail and I wasn’t able to get the trigger to work… Everything compiled and I got no errors and I even created my own loading screen to start the transition… But it didn’t work… Is there any resolution to this issue? Here is the video I followed.

Its really hard to provide a solution without seeing your blueprint and trigger asset, could you provide a screenshot of your blueprint and perhaps attach your trigger asset?


Here are the changes I needed to make in MyHud (lots of screens overall)

Here are the PortalBox blueprints and changes

Closer look at the Portal Box Blueprints

Finally here is the loading screen Material required to start the process

Here is the viewport of the trigger asset… I will double check to see if this is correct

The only thing I didn’t do was create the beginning box which he stated in the video had no functionality towards the actual portal/trigger.

Does the loading screen show?

No not at all…

Let me know if there are better tutorials to follow for the version I’m using 4.7.5… This seemed pretty useful, since that video was recorded this year February on what I’m assuming is version 4.7.1 or even 4.6… I just want to get it to where my level will stream to this outdoor map… I already placed the character start spawn there ready to go… I just need to get a way where I have the door open and you go through it, then it loads the outdoor level… Already have the door open… Now I need basically something to port once you walk though…

Start by checking if the loading flag is being set by printing the value on collision 483b4f8ad2cfb96e0ed0dc75b701c44fd9a0a818.png

It says true when I run through the trigger… But it shows multiple times in the log…

Ok so I got it to work but alot of stuff I implemented wasn’t needed… I simply when to an older Q&A and saw how to do it within the trigger box itself… Question is, how could I link my loading screen in between this?