Problem with gun/weapon assets shoulders out of alignment

I’m not quite sure how to explain what I mean, so I will post some follow up screenshots when I can get them. What I am finding is that almost all gun/weapon (so rifle, pistol, etc) assets in the store/market for third person, and even the free Starter animations have the shoulders of the poses way, WAY too far forward. they are far out of socket (and a little too high up too) so that when you put a mesh over the anim, its badly stretched and looks really bad, really out of whack.

Does anyone have any suggestions on assets for TPP that have a more proportional poses? The way these are, the arms are super elongated at the shoulder so the pistol ones in particular have his arms 3 feet out from the body!

These screenshots are all from the free Anim Starter Pack, but most others (particularly Kubold) have the same problem.

As you can see, the shoulder area (and just below it) are stretched badly, and moved up too much as well, making the peak of the shoulder on top “jut” to a point unnaturally. The pistol pose is similar. For that matter, the last pic also shows how the wrists are way out of alignment as well. I have tried other solider meshes and they all exhibit this, so it is in the anim poses themselves.

Short of trying to correct 200 anims with key frames to adjust all this (and no way they would be consistent with each other from anim to anim if I did, they would all be off a little in relation to each other and the hands wouldnt be relative like they should) can anyone recommend either a really simple (and cheap/free) anim rig package that I could either try to fix these in, or make new anims? And/or are there any other anim assets of this type that anyone would know about that are better/correctly set up? I am needing rifle, pistol, shotgun, SMG, etc anims and would like prone, and especially cover anims.

Here is a better look at the shoulder issue on another mesh where you can clearly see the shoulder of the pose is too high, causing a literal vertical edge where it should be smoothly matching the body mesh.