Problem with gradient on meshes and shadows after rebuilt the light

Hi guys, Don’t you know any solutions for this problem?
Scene is quite heavy but after rebuilt the scene there are a lot of gradients on the walls and furnitures.
I don’t know why. UVW are checked. I rendered it on static skylight and static direct light.
After light rebuilt almost all shadows disappeared…

World settings:
SSL: 0.7
NIL: 50
ILQ : 3
ILS: 0.75


abf1df2c2ad70dc47229b3b3994552918549aa3f.jpeggradient problem 02.jpg

The quality will depend of your lightmaps resolution. Is it high enough? By default it’s way too low!

All lightmaps resolutions are not lower than 256, thats the problem. Engine does not create shadows also…