Problem with Git plugin? Tries to commit EVERYTHING everytime

Hey all,

I am having problems using the Git plugin in 4.9. I set up a local git repo, which is cloned from a central repo. I did an initial commit and everything should be good. A quick git status shows nothing is dirty.

However in the editor if I modify any single file and then “Submit to Source Control” from the button in the toolbar, it wants me to do a commit on every single file in the project, and it does this every single time even if no files are changed.

I am testing this out right now with just two artists so I can work out procedures and documentation, but this is throwing me for a loop. I use git every day as a programmer so I know how to use git in general but not the UE4 integration specifically.

You can still use source tree or command line, it is only a “nice to have” inside the editor, and it can also interpret the binary diffs of blueprints…

I haven’t used this “scan for changes” also when you start with a git repo, it is suggested to disable the “check for changes” or something like that.

I only use if needed “git init” from UE, then source control -> submit to source control.

Also AFAIK it only try to add uproject and uassets and maybe others, but for example, you will need to “manually” add the C++ files, so I use source tree in that moment.

Sure I can use the command line but the point is to set this up for artists to use :slight_smile:

I don’t need to worry about any source, that is handled separately.

I guess I need to ask what the proper artist facing workflow is for using this plugin, because frankly it seems more confusing to me than using the command line.

EDIT: To clarify what I am doing is clicking the Source Control button in the toolbar and choosing Submit to Source Control.

Well, it will not submit all again to git… (I think it is just a problem of interpretation of UI)… I mean, I will prefer that it only show only the changed files to commit.

The red OK mark is mean to be about the files that are already committed and have no changes (yes it is confusing :P) all the other things like question marks or only spaces are things that will be committed or need to add to the source control.

yes it is just a BAD decision to choose to show already committed files with a red mark!!! xD

Ahh I see. Ok. Yeah that is super confusing lol.