Problem with Gamepad and UI-Buttons: "Gamepad Button A" does not trigger his input-event!

Hey there,

following problem:

The Inputevent of the Gamepad Button A is not triggered when clicking on a UI-button with it. I think the presetted functionality overrides it!

The switching between UI-buttons and clicking them with gamepad is already presetted in UE4:

  • Switching: navigation cross
  • Clicking: Gamepad Button A (Developername: “Gamepad Face Button Bottom”)
  • All other button have no binding by preset.

Unfortunally the presetted functionality to click UI-buttons overrides the input-event for Gamepad Button A.
So the UI-button is clicked BUT the Inputevent for “Gamepad Face Button Bottom” is NOT triggered.
All other inputevsents of the other gamepad-buttons are working fine!

The UI-button click-sound is also not played when the UI-button is clicked over the presetted functionality with gamepad.

Is there any way to remove the presetted functionality for “Gamepad Face Button Bottom” and solve the problem?
Looking forward for your answers and ideas!

I’m facing the same problem on 4.22 …
Is there a way to solve it ?