Problem with game include file from plugin sub-project

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with my plugin sub-project in the current game-project.
My game declares a custom actor called “AGridNodeActor” with some functionality inside. I also created a plugin to be used inside the editor which should help in positioning these new custom actors.
Now…to add the actor to the editor viewport i’m using

    UWorld* world = GEditor->GetEditorWorldContext().World();
    GEditor->AddActor(world->GetCurrentLevel(), ADecalActor::StaticClass(), FTransform::Identity);    //ADecalActor is used temporarily

What i want is to use my AGridNodeActor to be spawned. The problem is that i cant find a proper way to add the header file to the plugins-include list. Even if i add the “Source” path to the plugins .Build.cs file section “PublicIncludePaths”
it does not compile because it cannot find the custom-actor-generated header file and so on…

Can anyone help me out here?
best regards,

  • Christoph -