Problem with FString::ParseIntoArray

Hello, i have a problem using a function of FString object, the function is ParseIntoArray, this is my code:

FString checkResult = "split %text";

	const TCHAR *delim;
	delim = TEXT("%");
	TArray<FString, FDefaultAllocator> Parsed;
	checkResult.ParseIntoArray(&Parsed, delim, false);

In the tutorials that code is correct but in the Visual Studio always return error, this is the error:

Error	1	error C2664: 'int32 FString::ParseIntoArray(TArray<FString,FDefaultAllocator> &,const TCHAR **,int32,bool) const' : cannot convert argument 1 from 'TArray<FString,FDefaultAllocator> *' to 'TArray<FString,FDefaultAllocator> &'	  

And not compile, i dont understand the problem, They know a solution?
I know it’s a bad declaration, but i dont know which is…

Thanks for reading, sorry for my bad english =)

This is what I’m using, not sure if it’s the right way to do it but it works. I’m on 4.10 but I assume it’ll work for 4.9.

  1. FString aString = TEXT("split%me");
  2. TArray stringArray = {};
  3. aString.ParseIntoArray(stringArray, TEXT("%"), false);

Correct! Using TArray stringArray = {}; in the TArray declaration works fine!! Thanks you

The actual error is that you are passing a pointer to the array, rather than a reference to the array. Just removing & from your original code will likely solve your issue.