Problem with FPS tutorial part 14
JumpStart to JumpLoop
“Double click the transition to edit it. For this transition, we want it to happen when the JumpStart animation is nearly finished. Right-click in the graph, then search for and select the TimeRemaining for ‘FPP_JumpStart’ node.”

ok call me stupid but yet again i just can’t find the node required or anything that looks like it

here’s a pic from the FPS code example template

after a lot of headaches the answer is you need to compile the Animblueprint then right click then goto Asset Player where you’ll find the node that are required

Cool, glad you sorted it out.

The node “Time Remaining for FPP_JumpStart” will only show up if the state (the big box) JumpStart has the animation sequence FPP_JumpStart plugged into it.

Double-click the state JumpStart and check that it has the Animation Sequence plugged into its Final Animation Pose node.

Edit: that screenshot is what you have at the moment? It seems all correct…

the anims are plug-in into the “states” i just can’t finish the “rule” because i can’t get that node for the FFP_JumpStart to show.

the picture is from the FPS Code template project to show what i’m trying to get, i must be missing a step somewhere because it just won’t show any where, here’s a pic of what i have so far

Yes, the setup seems correct.

I’m not on the computer right now, but if you type “fpp” instead of “time” on the search box, does it shows up?

nope nothing, i’ll have another go tomorrow, it’s getting a little frustrating atm

Hmm, upload the .uasset of your anim blueprint, I can take a look if you’d like.

I have completed that tutorial, so I should be able to open the file.

i’ve uploaded the asset and the project to my “Geodav” folder on the rocket dropbox/ftp

thanks for your time

I had the same problem.

I didnt understand why the asset player node wasnt visible. It buged me for 10 mins.

In JumpStart state, you must add a play Jumpstart animation node then compile.

Then in the transition from jumpStart state to jumpLoop state you can add the “Asset Player > time remaining ratio” node for the animation you have launched in the jumpStart state.

Lol, it is the same mecanism as axis input nodes, they show up after you do somethinng else outside the current graph editor. In this case, the action is inside the previous graph.

Once you know the tricks the logic becomes cristal clear.

Exactly. The graph should throw a message to warn the user that some graph isnt compiled. And nothing tell us that this should appear after the compilation.