Problem with FPS blueprint, error while playing


I’m kind of new to Unreal Engine and I have a problem with my FSP-blueprint. I’m doin an arch-viz walk through and wanted to remove the arms and guns. So I deleted them in the viewport and then compiled and saved both blueprint and project. I know now that I should’ve just hidden them instead of deleting them. Anyway, my FPS couldn’t move after I deleted the arms and guns. Solved that problem by adding new meshes but now I get an error message every time I play in the editor. Tried to cook/package the project and it crashes almost immediately, I guess it’s connected to my blueprint-problem… I’m not used to blueprints and have no clue how to fix this… :frowning: Please help!

It worked, yey! Thank you!

But the project still crashes when I’ve cooked/packaged it… Do you think there’s a connection between the FPS-blueprint? Or what could be the problem? Didn’t have this problem before I messed with the blueprint. :confused:

That error means you have not assigned an Animation Blueprint for the that Mesh. To avoid this error (assuming you dont want the hands to move at all) just add a IsValid node before Montage Play in Event Graph.

The game starts, sometimes I can walk and move for a little while and then it crashes. Sometimes it crashes immediately…

At what point you got the error? Did the game started?

Try playing in Editor for sometime and see if it crashes. If it does then please post the error from Output log :slight_smile:

It works fine in the editor. Only crashes in the packaged exe-file…
Found this log via the unreal engine crash reporter. I guess this is the problem
“[2016.04.18-11.22.13:767][988]LogSkinnedMeshComp:Warning: GetSocketByName(): No SkeletalMesh for SkeletalMesh” ?

[link text][1]
[1]: 87302-attityd_131_h3.log (154 KB)

Any luck finding out what’s wrong? Thankful for your help!

Btw, I managed to migrate a FPS-blueprint to this project from the FPS-template.
But it still crashes in the standalone game-mode. This is the new log via the crash reporter…link text