Problem with flying controls (sliding)


I already posted this in the answer hub but didn´t get an answer, so I´ll try my luck here.

I´m new to UE4 but have some experience in Unity (only a hobby). I wanted to try out the engine and am struggling with the controls.
My problem is that I want the character to be able to fly around (jetpack like) but be able to stop and change direction immediatelly. Right now the character is ‘sliding’ around and I can´t figure out how to make this actually work.
I´m using a slightly modified 3rd person example blueprint (I only added functionality to rise and descend using LaunchCharacter) with gravity set to 0. I also tried using just calculating and setting the new location but (other than in Unity) UE4 ignores collision in this case.

Here are some examples what I actually mean.

This is what I want:

This is what I get:

How can I replicate the control scheme of the first video in UE4? I mean only the free movement.

Thanks in advance.

I did it. I´ll share my solution here so it´s documented for othre people who might run into the same problem

The Event Graph

The Move Function

The LookAt Function