Problem with flying blueprint and server having no movment for client networking

Hi guys ill keep it straight to the point, I have made a level using the flying blueprint template, when i run it as server and client, they both show ship pawns on the client the server and client ships move around, but on the server only the server ship shows movement, any ideas ?

I havent used Switch Has Authority because it dosent matter at the moment if it runs on ether one, and just in cause i have tried server then both client ships on server and client dont move.


Fixed it well for forward movement, i had to create a custom event and set it to replicate to run on server, then i added a pin to take the forward movement float, and re set it on the server.


I noticed the same thing recently. I think that Pawns are not setup for Multiplayer out of the box like Character blueprints. I made a post about it here:

And this might shed a little light:

Thanks for that Taurian, It fixed the client to server for me, then it introduced the out of sync problem, I managed to fix it by running the movement on server and the client on multicast, but now the server is getting faster movement than the client and the client looks jerky on the server side, im going to be changing my pawn to a character and hopefully it will fix the problem.