Problem with find item in array of actos

hii everyone, i am new in the forum and UE4, i have a problem with find item in array of actors. when i start UE4 a error show up, because there is a problem with the touching actor, but i delete the node and create it again, then the problem is fixed. the conection with the node is correct, because a actor is toched and looked for in a array of actos, i don´t now why this problem show up.
thanks for the attencion.

What the Not Compatible error means is that you’re trying to connect a reference to an actor to a reference to a “suelo” reference. You need to cast one of the references to a compatible type.

My guess is your matrix is a bunch of suelos, and the touch event is returning an actor. You should try casting that actor to a suelo and finding that.

It looks like there’s also something wrong with your event. Did you change the inputs and outputs for it? Try right clicking it and choosing “Refresh Node” or place the event that you want again. You may also have reparented this class to something that already provides OnInputTouchBegin_Event, which has cause a conflict.

thank you so much for the answer, i can fix it casting to suelo, and finding that, it works fabulously. i am principiant whit UE4 but i´m reading a lot about UE4 and learning quickly. I appreciate your help, thank you :slight_smile:

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Oh, would you mind selecting mine response as the answer? :slight_smile: