Problem with figuring out overlap + array code bit.

So. I am familiar with coding but there are some things in node coding which i cannot seem to wrap my head around.

What im trying to do is:

Object1 ( VR object in hand)
objects 2,3 and 4 (objects that are there to make sure player does what is needed. They are in an array)

  1. When Object1 comes close enough to other objects OR overlaps 2 or 4 (these represent start and beginning, either can be the start or ending) the game starts to look if array is empty
  2. when Object1 overlaps lets say object2, object2 gets removed from array and now the player needs to remove first object 3, and lastly for. Or reversely, if object4 is first overlapped, then needs to come 3 and lastly 2.
  3. When array is empty of objects, theres a debug message or something to let know (i can make a better system for this later on)

I’ve been reading alot about this but somehow i cannot make anything happen. Any tips or tricks or links are certainly welcome!
Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Sorry, can you give an example, it’s a bit confused. What are you trying to do?

Yeah sorry. So my object is that there is knife in my world. It needs to be picked up and overlap a few cubes in the map. I need to know when all the cubes have been overlapped. I hope i managed to explain it a bit better now.

Each cube needs to be a blueprint and have a variable ( visible in the editor ) which you set to a unique ID. Just 0, 1, 2.

Then in the knife, you have:

Lot of different ways of doing it, but that’s certainly one…

Hi, sorry for still bothering you. How would you go about that unique id part? I could have sworn that i had made something like that in the past but i cannot find it and apparently my googling isn’t competent enough for this.
Otherwise this makes sense and i thank you for your help!

Just make a variable on each cube in the blueprint. Make it visible in the editor ( click the eye ), and set them to 0, 1, 2 etc…

Aah. A great brainfart from me >.> Thank you again and have a great day mate!