Problem with export skeletal meshes

Hi guys.
I try to export SK_Mannequin and have a problem.
So. First, i exported the model into 3Ds Max as FBX.
Then. I open this model in 3Ds Max 2017 and try to export unchanged model as FBX.
And i have error message

The FBX file format cannot represent the transformation of some nodes in the scene due to the limitation of FBX SDK. To avoid this, adjust Bone binding matrices of the problematic Skins.
The following Bones will have incorrect Bone binding matrices under the associated Skins:

I have not worked with animation and skeletal meshes and maybe this is noob problem. But, seriously, what i doing wrong?


Hi androleocez, thanks for opening this thread!

I finally found someone who has the exact same issue as me, and nobody answered yet, what a shame :confused:

But if you found a solution in the meantime, please tell me :slight_smile:


I’m having this same issue. It only seems to be present in newer versions of 3DS max and the like, as my older 2015 edition I have doesn’t do this… Has anyone figured out what is wrong? All i did was exported a skeleton and reimported the new one and now have a monstrosity.

This is weird.
I will do some testing to help you guys.

Also, I believe you can find Mannequin source file somewhere in UE4 documentations.

Is there still no solution to this error ?

Having same issue. looks like no one has attempted to fix the issue. Have looked all over online to find the issue, everyone has older issues that have gotten solved but dont work with the 2019 version of 3ds Max. Please help out and solve this issue…