Problem with Events not being called after respawn

Hey, My player char. triggers an Event in another actorBP. I made them communicate over the level BP. …A calls B, B interacts with A… It works well, until I respawn my char.

I defined FrogBP as the variable NewFrog on begin play in the Gamemode. FrogBP gets destroyed and respawned in GameMode. OnDestroyed in the LevelBP a cast is made to GameMode to fetch the updated variable from respawned Frog and an Event is called from NewFrog to NewRhino …but the Event doesn’t fire anymore. respawn time is 0,1 in gamemode and I have a delay in the level BP of 0,5 to give it enough time. Watched the NewFrog variable and it gets updated “On Destroyed” Any Ideas or suggestions why the Events stop working here?..the variable NewFrog gets updated when I watch it

Here is the solution if somene ever has a similar problem