Problem with epic launcher

I dont know the right section about support. Yesterday I had a problem with my PC that is probably solved. Today I entered to Epic Games Launcher to see ARK updates and was fine, but a few minutes ago, it take me a lot to log in Unreal and to start my project and ark editor tooks a long. This is due the problem of my pc or I need to reinstall unreal?

Do you mean it took a long time to download updates, or to start your project? How long did it take? What are your PC specs? Did it only take a long time the first time you opened it, or every time?

Well starting the epic games launcher to connect. This morning was fine. But I think this is due maintenance. Now I can access normally to my projects

There is a button to use the launcher offline when trying to sign in.

And you could always start a project direct out of the folder.

Now all its fine again. Sorry if I annoyed you people.