Problem with enums in 4.26.2

I’ve never had this issue before today, so I can’t say if it’s a bug or some setting I’ve changed.

When I try to reorder an entry in an enum (clicking the up or down arrow to move that entry higher or lower in the list) it take ~5 minutes. UE becomes unresponsive for 5 or so minutes.

Then same thing happens when I click “New” to add a new entry.

I thought that maybe since the enum was being referenced in multiple places, that it was just taking a lot of time to update all those references, but that’s not the case. I created a new enum in order to test that, it has only six entries and it’s referenced nowhere, same problem.

Enums are completely unusable at this point. I literally have to wait 5 minutes or longer after changing the order of an entry or trying to add a new entry.

If this is a setting thing somewhere, I sure would appreciate someone telling me where it is.


(I clicked new, waited a bit, saw that it was doing the thing again, opened a browser, found this forum, created this topic, typed it all in, edited it, moved it to a different forum, and I’m still waiting for a completely unreferenced enum to add entry 7. About 10 minutes total time.)

PS Why does “Feedback for Unreal Engine team” forum require an ‘optional’ tag and then only allow “animation” and “vr” as choses?