Problem with dynamic material.

Hi! I’m stuck. I am working on a simple puzzle where you have to activate triggers on the floor by stepping on them. I want to make the triggerd number to light up using its emissive values. I can’t get it to work and I’ve been trying to fix it for days. I hope that someone can spot where I went wrong.


Here’s the material. Very simple.


Here’s the construction graph for the plane. I try to make the material assaigned to the plane become dynamic.


Event graph. Using a Event using an interface blueprint.


The interface.


And the level blueprint.

I hope that someone can spot the mistake(s) I’ve made so that I can continue to work.

In construction script, you haven’t selected your material in “create DMI” node

Fixed that. Still dosen’t work =(

As your material seems fine, Then you may have a trouble with your triggers. Usually using a “cast to” the considered actor (your character) from the output of the overlapping event solves trouble.

Hmm, I tried to debug it. I know that the trigger is active cause I have a soundcue that are set to play in the end of the chain. But the Actor blueprint dosen’t react. It seem as it dosen’t get any data sent from the interface.

I fixed it. I had the wrong target for the interface node in the level blueprint.