Problem with downloaded content


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask…

My launcher was broken and was unable to download the KITE DEMO from marketplace, so I downloaded the content from an external website and this is how the folder structure looks like.

When i click on MATERIALS they just break and when click on MESHES the come with no MATERIAL…
HOW SHOULD I USE THE DOWNLOADED CONTENT IN A PROJECT. I know that the MIGRATE option will not work in this case because the content s just a collection of .UASSET files]

Copying and pasting it in windows explorer was not so helpful. does anybody have a solutions or something to fix this??

I have problem with downloaded content in general, somebody told that it might be problem with REFERENCE and things like that.



you should really download it with the launcher because then you get an “add to project” option, I am not sure if you can use another way.

what do you mean by this exactly, do you mean you downloaded it from a non-epic website?, if you do then that content/website isn’t legit as you can only get the official stuff from epic(I also wouldn’t advise downloading from other sites as the stuff could have viruses/malware…ect), if that’s the case can you send an email to with details of the website so that epic can look into it.

also what’s wrong with your launcher?, maybe we can help you fix it:)