Problem with definition of direction (Orient rotation to movement),problem with definition of direction (orient rotation to movement)

Hello. How do I make Orient rotation to movement, when I go back, the character does not rotate 180 degrees?,

Hey there, if you go to the character movement component of your character you have the orient rotation to movement option, you can type it in the search to find it faster. You also have the Rotation rate option that controls how much you rotate per second.

Hello, I knew this … the fact is that when I go back, the direction vector of the character flips back and the program thinks I’m going ahead. For reference: the mechanics of the character as in the evil within 2.

I didn’t play the game so a video reference would be helpful. When you say “i go back” do you mean when you press S and the character goes into the camera direction?

Yes, I meant it, I just do not know the language well and I use the translator. Video: Ilya Alpatsky | VK

You can try enabling Use Controller Rotation Yaw on the character and disabling Orient Rotation to movement. This will make the character walk backwards instead of facing the camera, if you move to the sides it will strafe, so i’m not sure if that is what you want.

Yes, yes, I tried already, full ■■■■)

So you want to maintain the current way it moves, except when you are pressing S, it should move backwards and not face the camera?