Problem with Creating 3rd person tutorial

I’m following through the “Creating 3rd person” tutorial from UE.
In the 17th video during Animation Montage, he shows to add ‘branching point’ in the ‘Montage section’ during the punch sequences, but in UE4.7 there is no option, as well as there are only 3 sliders available.
Why is this happening??

Hi nexust56,

Sorry this has caused some confusion - it looks like that tutorial is a little out of date. In 4.7 we merged branching points and notifies. Now to create one - add a notify to your montage and click it to select it and look for the following setting in the details panel:


Set “Montage Tick Type” to “Branching Point” and the notify will act exactly like the branching points from previous versions.

Hope this solves your problem!


ok got it workin thanks alot

Hello. Thanks for pointing this out. I was also struggling with this whilst following the tutorial.
Besides the UI differences, it is very instructive.

On a similar note, I seem to be unable to rename my montage slots?
All slots are named DefaultGroup.DefaultSlot, with no apparnt way to rename it.

@Harath1d20 - Exactly the same problem I just ran into today…
If anyone knows what to do with this, please post a solution!