Problem with copying blueprint

I have a blueprint for a door that opens on a key press when the user is in a trigger box volume. The blueprint is working perfectly, except for one thing. Obviously, I don’t just want one door in my level. There will be a lot of them. When I try to copy the door to a new location, or drag the door blueprint into the editor window from the content browser, the original door stops working, and only the new door will work. Please see the attached blueprint (I split it into 3 parts).

I found out that when I go to the “Input” section of the details panel and switch the first door to auto receive input player 0 and input priority 0 then the first door works again, but the second doesn’t.

Thanks for your help.

I’m having this exact problem, I dont know why copy and paste with an actor blueprint doesnt instance the events. Have you made and head way with this?