Problem with conversion actor to blueprint

I try to convert actor to blueprint based on “quick start guide”. I created an empty actor and cube component in it. I moved cube over DefaultSceneRoot to make cube a new root. It looks fine. Then after I used blueprint conversion I have actor_blueprint with new one or even two DefaultSceneRoot components and in Viewport I can see cube moved away from the actor. I make something wrong but don’t know what, can someone help me with that?

I’ve noticed this too. In fact, it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I convert an Empty Actor to a blueprint. (I’m using 4.24) So, using your example, what I’ve been doing is: click on DefaultSceneRoot1 under Components (top left). In the viewport, I then drag it over to the exact location of the DefaultSceneRoot orb, which takes the Cube along with it. Then, up in Components, I drag Cube up to DefaultSceneRoot, which makes it no longer under DefaultSceneRoot1, and then I just click DefaultSceneRoot1 and delete it. It works, but it’s super annoying. I’m trying to follow Lynda courses to learn and none of them seem to experience this problem.

Can you explain what Blueprint conversion is? Not sure how you guys are making this happen :stuck_out_tongue: