Problem with compiling in VS

I installed the July Rocket Beta today and wanted to mess around with some code.

There are actually two problems now.

  1. create new empty c++ project
  2. add UPROPERTY()
    float Test;
    (or anything else)
    to (ProjectName)Character.h
  3. open .uproject in Rocket
  4. compile
  5. no result whatsoever

then i tried building it in VS in development mode, no luck there either.

first thing i noticed when opening the solution in VS was that the structure has changed (added Build and Run and subprojects)

when trying to build using VS i get the error Unable to start program ‘ProjectFileName.exe’

i got this solved by copy-pasting all the properties from a project i had created in the previous Rocket build and this solved it. However i assume this is not supposed to happen so i thought i’d report it here (and when adding a new class in Rocket to the old project it got converted to a new project so that one also stopped working)

if you need any additional information please tell me what you need.

Hey Thomas,

You need to make sure you specify the appropriate permissions for the variable in the UPROPERTY for it to show up in the editor such as UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Test)

Now as for why you are not able to get it to compile or run from VS properly we will look into that.

Best Regards,


UTestObject* MyTestObj;

where UTestObject is an empty class extending UObject (with EditInlineNew) and this shows up in the editor, i believe under uncategorized.

this was just to illustrate my point and was an easy way for me to find out compiling wasn’t working.

anyway, great that you’re looking into it and i’ll just explore other parts of Rocket.


I had the exact same issue, but it only occurs when I hit “Local Windows Debugger” and try to Debug.

Started a new project (side scrolling C++), then immediately went to VS12, opened the solution, and hit build and received the same message.

Building works fine though.

I was guessing that pressing Debug in VS would then start the instance of the game in rocket, but I guess not.

Will hitting “Compile” in the Rocket editor compile all of the code I have currently written in VS?

Hi Dave,

Hitting the Compile button in Rocket will recompile your Level Editor module. To see a list of modules available, you can go to Window > Developer Tools > Modules. From there you can recompile specific modules. Using the Compile button is good for if you have changed something minor, like variable values. If you have added something new, you will want to compile in Visual Studio. Let me know if this has helped.

Thank you,


Perfect, thanks Alexander!

Today i got the notification that i needed to update VS (update 3).
i don’t know if this is new or old but i wan’t able to find this one before.

this did the trick and everything is working again.