Problem with collision creation

me using 4.7.6
the physic asset editor have a problem if you try set a convex hull at a empty mesh or bone.
this result in a not respond / endless loop. need to end the engine task then.
object was exported from shade 15 and imported as fbx 2013.

Hi Markus,

I’ve not been able to reproduce this on my end that I can see.

Can you list your steps to reproduce the issue from beginning to end. Maybe I’m missing a step that you’re using.

Thank you!


Thank you Markus. I will try in the meantime when I get time to see if I can get this to reproduce for me. Post your steps when you can. :slight_smile:

ok will provide more next week.

hi tim, even i saw the state resolved.
u find it or still need my help to reproduce?

Anytime a staff member is the last to comment the issue is marked as resolved. This makes it easier to track when issues come back into our queue .

I’ve not been able to reproduce this yet, also with the release 4.8 there have been a number of bug reports that are taking priority at the moment.

If you have steps that can reproduce it I am still happy to look into it as soon as I’m able. :slight_smile:

ah ok, i will help soon …

Hey Markus,

I am going to go ahead and close this out for the time being. When you get time to look into this or provide a way to reproduce the issue I can look into this further.

Thank you!