Problem with Child Blueprint Class

I’m following this YouTube tutorial about making turning corners for endless run game.

Endless Runner: Turning Corners | 06 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube

I’m using the latest UE4 version now.

The tutorial is using the “BP_FloorTile” to Create Child Blueprint Class.

This is what the Construction Script look like for the “BP_FloorTile”.

I don't want the "BP_FloorTile_RightCorner" (Child Blueprint from "BP_FloorTile") to spawn any coins or blocker so I remove the connection.

But after I compile it, the coins or blocker is still spawning… how?

I also found someone who have the same problem as me.

This make me wonder how does "Child Blueprint Class" work?

If you disconnect this


in the parent, does it ( the parent ) still spawn coins?

Do you check it via Simulate or in-game?

Because the Simulate is sometimes buggy - Check this thread

However if it happens in-game then it’s not normal therefore:
1st of all you can try a fresh project and test if the behaviour is same there
-If yes - bug
-If not - BP’s wrong

In case of yes - add a branch with Class Is Child Of to prevent the code to be running on the Child BP’s
In case of no - like said, it’s the BP issue but cannot be in that case :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the late reply. If I remove that connection all coins and blocker will be gone from “BP_FloorTile” and all of the Child Blueprint.

I just tested it on actual “Play” and the Coin and blocker are indeed still spawning. What does input “test class” do for “class is child of”? input for the making a class to be a child of a BP parent?

Have you clicked into the link?

Here’s the text from inside of it

> Determine if a class is a child of another class.

So quick and simple - Determine if a Class is a child of another Class…

So to make it even more simple to you - Test Class = self → get class, Parent = Main Floor BP

If it returns false it means it’s the parent itself or you just try to get some unrelated class (which will cause trouble), if true - it’s child of the selected parent

And I just realized something

Do you use the Function/Event of spawning coins anywhere in the Event Graph?
-If yes - that’s the issue
-If not - still weird xD

I see… I think I understand how “Class Is Child Of” work. Yeah… There is a lot of functions on the “BP_FloorTile” I will try checking it.

Fixed now, thx.