Problem with Character Movement

I’m animating in Sequencer. I drag my character forward and keyframe it, but my character will move forward 10 feet and then back 2 feet. Its not supposed to move back at all and there are no keyframes causing it to move backwards. Does anyone know what causes this problem?

Check if you are not interpolating with some other keyframe right after.

If thats the case, you can change to Constant

Otherwise, it would be better if you could post some video showing us what exactly is happening.

Yes, thats the solution. I need to change the Interpolation to Constant. I know how to do it for one keyframe, but how do I do it for all keyframes. How to change the settings so when I keyframe it will be set to Interpolation - Constant from now on?

I had the same problem using sequencer but with a camera, it would move slightly back and forwards despite being told to stay in same position. Changing the key interpolation fixed it.