problem with character after updating from 4.9 to 4.10, help please!

hello to everyone, i have two projects in ue 4.9, when i have installed ue 4.10 and update both the character was disappear from the game, don’t know why is this happening.

one projects is blueprint based and the other is blueprint plus c++, but both has the same issue, after the update when i try to test the game, the game can’t start and says “not player found” in all the cast from the blueprints, also the character mesh don’t appear in the map.

is weird because if i open the character blueprint all is right there.

also i checked the game mode of the map and is correct too, it has all the data from my custom game mode.

the only thing that is different for 4.9 to 4.10 is that i was installed the substance plugin in those projects, and in the marketplace there is no substance plugin for ue 4.10, can this cause the problem ?

please i need help, i don’t want to start both projects from the beginning in the ue 4.10.

thank you in advance for all the help.

sorry for the bump, but i’m still stuck here, anyone has this problem too ? nobody can told me a tip to fix this ?

wow, no one has this problem ? this mean that i need to start my project from the beginning in the new ue 4.10?

Try loading the models in the editor. Straight update doesn’t quite work right. If you load things up and resave it, that may fix the problems.

i fixed the problem, don’t know why the player start was colliding with the floor, in the version 4.9 the player was on z:112 working just fine, after update to 4.10 the player start were at the same z:112 but was colliding with the level’s floor, i changed z:112 by z:150 and it fixed the problem.