Problem with changing the path of DDC

When i tried to change the path of DDC to my project folder, it resets. I changed the Engine.ini file, clicked on save, but after some time when I open this ini file to be sure if the setup right, but it resets my changes to default path. Am I doing something wrong? May be there is another file, need to change. Or something. Please, staff, show me step-by-step what i need to do.

Hello Mixolydian777,

If you are looking for information on Derived Data Caches, I have provide a link below to our documentation. I hope that this information helps.

Link: Derived Data Cache | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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I read it before. But I don’t understand what that means. I just want to prevent the vanishing of my SSD’s memory. I read all questions about this ddc. I can’t understand. Which file I need to change to solve it? When i tried to change DDC path in .ini file, it resets the default. What’s the reason? Where this configuration file is stored by default, and which lines I need to edit? Help, Rudy.Please)

After taking a quick look at the forums I have found a similar post to the issue that you are experiencing. Could you take a look at the provided forum thread and let me know if this helps?

Link: [HOW TO] Change local data cache location - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums

I also read it. But problem is that there are two BaseEngine.ini files in different locations. But in the forum folks explain that I need to edit base engine ini file which is stored in the Engine/Config folder. Look at the screenshot

You will need to navigate to where you downloaded the engine and go from there. From the pictures provided, I would say that it would be the one on the right. (Epic Games > 4.12 > Engine > Config ). You will then need to change the highlight section in the image below.

And that’s all? Will it prevent “vanishing” of SSD’s memory? Or do I need to do something else?