Problem with CastToHUD blueprint

Hi, i’m new to UE4, and this is my first cry for help.

I have a HUD with a score counter and coins. The counter should increase after player collected a coin.
In my HUD blueprint i have a variable called Score. It variable tells to the HUD which digits must be printed.

In Coin blueprint, when Actor begin overlap it cast to the HUD_First Blood, checks a current Score value, adds 1 to it and sets new Score value.

It was the idea. But something goes wrong. for some reason eventActorBegin Overlap does not cast to the HUD. I was tried instead of HUD CastToMyCharacter blueprint, it’s worked fine. But why it didn’t works for HUD blueprint?
I’m working in version 4.8.2

To cast to HUD (eg NewHUD is default name when making a new HUD blueprint) you need get player controller to be connected to Get HuD node, and from Get HUD node you cast to HUD that is in use (eg NewHUD). To check that your code doesn’t work you can use Cast Failed Exec line in node named “HUD_FirstBlood” and connect print string to it.

You never execute the cast node. There is nothing connected to the white execute pin :slight_smile:

Radiance is correct. Change the order of connected nodes…First set the event begin overlap to CAST to HUD_FirstBlood, and so…

Well, i created some kind of a Frankenstein. AND IT"S ALIVE!!!

But i’m sure that there is another, more accurate method to do the same. Can you give an advice?

I tried so, but Cast To… failed.

wmbuRn was right, first i need GetPlayerController, then GetHud and only after that i can do something with CastToHUD