Problem with car physics

As part of a school project I’m trying to make a driveable car in unreal engine, but I’ve run into an issue.

The car seems to always want to lean on two wheel, and after long time of attempting to troubleshoot this, I still don’t know what is causing this, and so far my attempts at finding a solution through google have been without luck. I was hoping some people here might have ideas for way to troubleshoot this, or fix it.

The problem only occurs when I’m possessing the car, when I’m using the simulate option the car’s physics seems to be just fine, it seemingly only happen, when I’m trying to control the car.

It could be anything really. A short video/picture showing the issue would really help. It might be that the mass of the car is not well centered or the wheels might need readjusting … So a pic/vid would help analyze the issue.

The most typical issue is a scaling problem with your imported car. Check the scale of the root bone of your vehicle skeletal mesh. If it is anything different from 1,1,1 (for example 100,100,100 is common when exporting from Blender without setting first the scene cale to 0.01), that is your problem. Once you fix the scale it will start to work properly (unless there are other issues like not having properly mapped the bones names inside the Vehicle Movement Component).