Problem with camera

I am making a game with a similar camera to subway surfers. So I made this blueprint to make the camera have an offset to player when the character goes on the two side lanes.

The camera has a spring arm component so it follows the character which i want in the x and y axis but not in the z axis when the character is jumping so i made this blueprint to stay on the same z axis
Screenshot 2023-05-20 213020
But when i did this it worked but the offset was not there. What could i do?
Also second blueprint is connected to event tick.

Hey there @Tsiqz! So you would need to only to set the target offset once from all of these. What’s happening is your target offset being set is overriding the others. Making that vector is setting the X and Y to 0 for it, negating the others. So instead of setting Target offset in 3 different places, just set it only once for all 3.

So do you mean to delete the second blueprint and just change the z on the first blueprint? Also appreciate the reply!

You’ve got the idea, if you change it again it will 0 is out whenever the Z changes too. So make sure you set it via 1 setter every time so you don’t end up overwriting your changes.