Problem with camera rotation

Hello! Could you help me with my question? I’m have tried make camera rotation around player. And I found tutorial this tutorial And It works but not completely. In the lesson author rotates the mouse freely. But for me it not works, I can move the camera only by small values, then it returns to zero. What I made wrong?
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Hi man,
i am not fully sure but the difference could be:

the framerate of your game (more frames = more event call ?)
The size of the window of your game (bigger window = greater value in mousex ?)

As far as i can see you jjust plug the x value in the ""add contro Yawl “”
to add more movement try multiply that value for something

You can hit the little triangle next the play to set the Window of the game to be a New window with any size, try this or try fullscren.
You get always the same values?

you can use get mouse position (i am not sure how is called)
to read the mouse position of the screen.
that will be more work, but is cool to know how use these coordinates.

Just use a SpringArmComponent, enable “UsePawnControlRotation”, and attach a camera to it. Now if you use AddController(Yaw/Pitch)Input in your character, the camera will automatically update its rotation.

HI thank you for your pieces of advice. I found where I made a mistake. I didn’t use “GetControlLocationNode” This setup works correctly