problem with camera in the editor

Hi everybody, i have a little problem with the camera when i zoom in to a mesh.
when i zoom, and i was near the model, it disappear and i don’t understand why ?

below my racetrack’s loop when i zoom in :

and when i zoom out the mesh reappear …hmmmm o_O

if someone can help me because whith this problem it’s not easy to manipulate and edit static mesh.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi FxNx,

Is this only while using the editor or when you’re playing in your game?

If you’re just using the editor, there are a couple of things to look at.

When you build your meshes are you using the scale 1 unreal unit = 1 cm and exporting it that with the FBX option selected? Having a model that is build not to the proper scale will require you to zoom in closer than you should need to. (If you post an image of the mesh from the Mesh viewer/editor (double click on the mesh in the content browser) and do not zoom in this should help me see what your scale is.

Another thing is, if you’re scale is fine, anytime you zoom in the camera will go through it because there is no collision setup to block the camera when editing. If you’re finding that you’re only zooming a little and it’s jumping through your mesh this is more than likely related to scale.

Here is a link to a simple box that you could use for scale test when you post a screen shot.

This is a box that is roughly 6 ft tall. Place this in your scene and post a screen shot, please.

Thank you!


hi, i have try with your scale test model and there is no problem i can zoom in up to through the 3d model

this is my track in mesh editor :

maybe my model is too small ?
in the mesh editor when i zoom in at a moment when i approach it zoom out and it’s impossible to zoom more near…it’s strange…

and thank you for your answer :wink:

Looking at the image from the mesh viewer/editor it does appear your model import super small. You’ll need to use your modeling software to export it using centimeters as the scale and making sure that it’s also built with cm scale as well.

To test this. In the viewport with your mesh you can adjust the scale in the details panel. Instead of 1 for the scale put in 100 for the XYZ.

i have a scale problem. in blender the scale is correct :

this is your scale test model you send me with the character who was in UE4 third person template

And now when import them into the editor, the result :

the scale test model and the character have a big different size…Hmmmm oO…strange

Any idea ?

Thank you at all :slight_smile:

I’ve not really used Blender so you may have to test some of this a little bit, but here is some information on getting scale in Blender to UE4 correctly. Give this a shot and see if it helps.

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: