Problem with "Calculate Direction" node

So after a long journey figuring out how to drive a “direction” variable for my character, I stumbled upon the “Calculate Direction” node, which did exactly what I was trying to do, calculating the change in degrees my character turned from point A to point B, and it works great, except for one thing, when my character is not moving, the node is outputting a value of 90, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. When I’m moving forward and not rotating, it outputs 0, so that works, but standing still, it outputs 90.
I started out with my own project, then to troubleshoot, I created a new project using the Third Person Blueprint template, where the only thing I did was hook up the calculate direction node to a “Get Velocity” node and a “Get Actor Rotation” node, and still the thing is outputting 90. The node is supposed to output a value from -180 to 180 and one would assume if the character is not moving at all, the output should be 0, am I missing something?

I got this node working properly for my usage and wrote a write-up on the forums: "Calculate Direction" node for blendspace direction - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums