Problem with bp_sky_sphere

I have a problem with bp_sky_sphere, thing is that i can’t see the sun. I can see it in reflections on objects but not when i’m looking straight at where it should be.
I’m new to unreal engine so it might be just me doing something wrong.

I really need help with this.

When i delete sky_shpere and add atmospheric fog then suddenly i can see the sun but when i have both it’s like the sphere is overlaying the sun.

It works fine in 4.6.1, but in 4.7 it’s like i described it above.


Hey LinQ

Click on the SkySphere in the scene outliner and in the details panel you’ll see, in the Default panel, “Directional Light Actor”. I’m guessing that isnt selected in the 4.7 project. Just click on the down arrow to the right of the words and there should be options for you to assign one. If there arent, just drag one into the scene and assign that.

I already tried that, changed actors, rebuild everything and still the same.

Is your 4.6.1 project exactly the same as the 4.7 project?

I think so, i upgraded this project from 4.6.1 to 4.7 so it should be the same, i even copied bp_sky_sphere from other 4.6 project and its the same.

I know this is a boring answer to your question, but in that case wait till 4.7 is officially released before using it as the dev environment for your project. Maybe submit it as a bug report for 4.7…

Thanks for time you took to try helping me. I guess i’ll have to wait. Is it possible to export group of objects with meterials on them? I imported one group from 4.7 to 4.6 but without materials on them.

Thats not really my area mate. I’m just doing gameplay programming at the moment. Have you tried to “migrate”? To be honest I’d be useless advising you on anything to do with materials etc…

Same problem here. I can see it in my water reflection but not in the sky. changing the sun disc size above 0.3 makes it visible but it fills the entire screen… Hopefully the final 4.7 release resolves this issue.

Ok so with 4.7 Preview 2, i think they adressed this problem and my bp_sky_sphere is working as intended. hurray! :smiley: