Problem with booleans


I’m trying to make my level change after two booleans both are set to false. This is how I have it set up:

However, as you can see, this doesn’t work and they never return true. When both are set to false, they return false, and when one is true and one is false, they of course return false. How do I get them to return true?
(I also tried this with setting it so that instead of false they have to be true, but when both are true, it also returns false)

I can’t set the level to change when they are returning false, because then the level would change when one is true and one is false. “Not equal” doesn’t work either, because when they’re both false, not equal returns true, as well as when one is true and one is false. “And” doesn’t work, because when both are false, it returns false. I’ve also tried adding “not” between the branch and the booleans to no avail.

You can make your AND condition with two Branch nodes.


Or you can use **AND **node

As I said in the first post, AND node doesn’t work. This is what happens with AND node:

I’ve tried AND, EQUAl, NOT EQUAL, OR and a NOT between them and the branch, I can’t get it to work.
I also tried out Eddy71’s idea with two branches, but it didn’t work either.

As far as i can see, Eddy71’s idea should work, if it doesn’t i wonder what would work.

Just tested it, it works for me so you must’ve done something wrong.

Just so you know the value on the = or and gate wont update there state until the branch tries to get the value. If the branch hasn’t been fired all the gates will show the default state (false) Is the event actually being fired? Can you post more of the BP?

Yes, it works fine in my project. Even with 3 branches.