Problem with Blueprint Cast to a different Blueprint

Hello everyone, i’ve come across a problem that i’ve been desperately trying to pass through for 2 days in a row now, to the point of reaching the second page of google, can you imagine?
What i’m trying to do is really simple, or rather… Seemed really simple before i started trying to do it.

I’m trying to change a Blueprint’s boolean variable through a different Blueprint, a Widget Blueprint to be exact.
Here’s what it looks like:

As you can see the Boolean variable on the blueprint is set to Editable.
And here’s what the Widget Blueprint looks like:

These two last images are from the same widget blueprint, and as you can see for some reason the reference to “Player Bullet Low Velocity” says “Editing this value is not allowed” at the bottom left corner, and the “Set Boolean to active” Node says “Failed to find variable property” Is this normal, or is this the reason i can’t seem to get my really simple thing to work?

Last but not least, here’s when i attempt to execute the Blueprint, It simply is ignored.

I clicked the Widget’s blueprint button countless times but it still shows a cast failed.

However the Widget is not faulty, i can use buttons to change level or execute console commands without problems.

Could i get some feedback on this please? It’s really frustrating. Thanks for your time!


You need initialise your a variable PlayerBulletLowVelocity.

I’m going to try that right now, Thanks for the fast answer you guys are amazing!

EDIT: I can’t make a “Create widget” node on my player bullet blueprint. :confused:

I forgot to mention, my blueprint “PlayerBulletLowVelocity” is an actor blueprint, not a widget, it spawns everytime the player presses left mouse button.
What i’m trying to do is make my optionscreen button change the visibility of some components attached to the PlayerBullet, which i already know how to do it’s just that i have no idea how to connect them together.

If you use FPS template, do next

To widget add this

To projectile add this

Initialize of a variable and add widget to the viewport you must do in character blueprint.

And add modification to spawn projectile.

After press on the button, your bullet will be move with low speed

It’s working! thank you so much!