Problem with Blendspace and Aim Offset preview

Don’t know what’s going on, but since updating to 4.15 from 4.13 cannot see animation updating in either Blendspace or AimOffset windows when moving the mouse in the graph. Is there some vital new setting that I don’t know about or something?- I know the layout’s gotten switched around a bit, but that shouldn’t affect this should it? Have tested it both with a new and older project (at first just thought the migrated one had merfed up) and the result’s the same. Even switched from my wacom to a mouse thinking that might’ve had something to do with it (no such luck). Any help would be appreciated!

The preview was updates so that it remembers where you are looking up to make it easier to setup/debug.

With the mouse cursor in the window hold down shift and left click (rather than just left clicking as you did in 4.13). The blend position will follow your mouse cursor. When you release, the blend position is left shown in green so you can see what is being previewed.

It’s confusing until you know to use shift, but very handy when you do know.

Thank you! Just went ahead and tested it and it works like a charm. Thanks again!