Problem with Bike Skeletal Mesh

For my final group project for college, my team decided to make a time attack racer based on the vehicle advanced template. We went for a tron-like theme and wanted to replace the car skeletal mesh in the Advanced Vehicle Blueprint with a skeletal mesh of a tron bike one of my team members designed. When making the switch, the bike turns out like this: TimeAttack - Unreal Editor 5_5_2018 9_59_14 PM.mp4 - Google Drive . It could be the skeleton, or it could be something else; we’re not sure, the modeler tried remaking the skeleton many times. I’m hoping someone out there will be able to help us with this issue. My colleague and I can provide extra information and screenshots if needed.

I am the modeler, and the way I rigged the bike was very simplistic as it just goes from one end to the other, parent bone in the middle, and at the end is two bones that go opposite directions for rotating their specified tire. Not sure if there’s anything I can do to help with this but I’m just posting to say that’s how the vehicle is rigged as you can see below.